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10-13-2012, 11:34 AM
It's not a terrible ship, but neither is it superlative - it does have some good things going for it though - namely, with that much hull, there is a wider margin of safety when using battle cloak. The console it comes with isn't bad either, but I feel it eats up essential console space.
Seems to work pretty well as a standard 4xDHC escort (Comm tac, Lt comm tac, Lt Eng, Lt Sci, Ens eng) but there are many ships that can do it better.
Universa Lt comm and Ensignl bridge officer slots do allow for some customisation, I personally haven't explored the other potential variants of the ship.
Turn rate as I recall is a bit worse than a Raptor's - base rate is 14, compared to 15deg/s for the Qin. 3 RCS can bump it up to a respectable turn rate.

In short: it's a less maneuverable and much more durable BoP substitute.
It's not worth buying the lifetime subscription by itself, but it definitely is a nice perk on top of the other veteran rewards.

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