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10-13-2012, 12:26 PM
I'd been hoping to run across a Nebula update from you, Maelwys...thanks!

Couple of questions:

- are you sticking with 1xDBB and 2xTorp at the moment?

- with the increased 'push' of TBR3, are you able to keep them in range for all the damage pulses? (even with zero'd out Aux from Aux2Bat, I would've thought TBR3 would still push too much?)

- Have you considered dropping one tac team and adding FAW, to spread the APB across multiple targets?

- Aft, are you using Trics or turrets? Or some mix? (Are Trics worth it without the tac powers to go with? I've yet to use mines in this game.)

Thanks again!