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Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
I finally bothered to test it so I can criticise it fairly.

Chimera class/

Why on earth do the nacelles move down in tactical mode? To what end? It hardly changes anything yet the design effort necessary for this cannot conceivably worth it. What if it breaks down? We could fire at our own nacelles? Then just program the beams not to fire at them.

The whole process over the saucer section....wouldn't it just have been simpler to have the beams 'strut's or however you want to call them extend out of the ship rather than the over complicated transformation of the saucer section?
No other ship pretends to be this complicated the closest would be a simple saucer separation, voyager's leg struts/nacelles (which was at least a temporay technology 'experiment' to reduce the effects of sub space damage or DS9's simply open shutters and extend weapon ports. None of these change the ship/base infastructure to suit a new purpose.

The deflector dish....oh boy.
a/ By blocking it up how is a starship meant to use it? It's an essential part of flying a starship and you go and block it up?

Even if you explain away the first question...

b/ How are we meant to use our deflector dish abilities? Do we fire our gravity well through solid hull plating?

c/ If this could ever be a valid option then why don't all starships have this armoured deflector? Surely it would be a good thing right

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