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Well, if your not using at least one beam for the innate target subsystems, you are wasting them. At least put a DBB in place of one of the DHCs if you must.

I find in a slow moving carrier, you do more damage with single cannons or beams then with duals. You simply can't keep the target in your sights long enough for it to be worth it. Of course if you are only running STFs with slow borg that you can anticipate their spawn points and be ready for them every time... yeah then it can work, but general purpose, those DHCs are going to be a liability.

I finally decided just to run 6x beams and let my perigrines handle the damage. a 6 beam broadside with 12 fighters is enough dps for me. I run heavy sci with aux maxed so cannons would be a waste due to power drain. I do consider torps now and again, and swap my APD1 for a TS2. I tend to hover near 84 weapon power due to cyclying EP:W2 and my MACO shield. I wonder if putting a torp fore and aft would be worth the loss of 2 beams due to power drain. I'd lose APD tho.

Edit: While I'm here, what I'm running.

6xPolaron beams
MACO defector and shields
Borg engine

tac: TT1, APD1
eng: EPS1, EPW2, Aux2SIF2
sci: Tractor Beam1, Scramble Sensors1, Tyken's Rift 2+3
Polarize Hull1, HE2, TSS3

Doffs: Gravemetric Scientist:Tyken's Rift(chance to spawn aftershocks), 2xDamage Control Engineers(reduce cooldown on Emergenct power abilities), Conn Officer(reduce cooldown on Tac Team), Flight Deck Officer(switch out as I please, typically +25% accuracy in intercept mode)

I'm skilled into Flow Capacitors, else I'd chose grav wells and either phasers or anti proton.
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