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Originally Posted by atreidesscion View Post
I'd been hoping to run across a Nebula update from you, Maelwys...thanks!

Couple of questions:

- are you sticking with 1xDBB and 2xTorp at the moment?

Yeah, I try to stay with 1DBB/2 Quantum Fore as it's definitely the highest damage setup for a SciShip if you can run a few Projectile DOFFs.

The limiting factor will be DOFFs.

After the recent patch changes, many of my ships should now ideally be running Aux2Bat1, but an active DOFF setup of [2x Projectile] and [2x Technician] doesn't leave much room to play with - especially when I could make use of a Borg Warfare Specialist, Tyken's Rift Gravimetric Scientist, Shield Distribution Officer... etc, etc.

- with the increased 'push' of TBR3, are you able to keep them in range for all the damage pulses? (even with zero'd out Aux from Aux2Bat, I would've thought TBR3 would still push too much?)
It depends on the mass of the target ship(s) and the speed I'm going.

It's basically free damage on Cubes and Structures. Things like Negh'vars or Spheres are usually OK at bottomed-out Aux. For Probes or BoPs, there's a tactic to it: If you wait until you're right on top of a low-mass enemy and drop TBR3, you'll catapult them far away even with low Aux, so the trick is to keep them on the outermost fringes of the range of the beams and push them around and/or into Gravity Well.

- Have you considered dropping one tac team and adding FAW, to spread the APB across multiple targets?

My problem is there's not really enough DOFF space to make that viable if you're planning to pull aggro.

Dropping a Tac Team means I should really take a Purple Conn Officer to reduce Tac Team downtime between Aux2Bat cycles, which means I'd need to drop another DOFF (Can't take less than 2 Purple Technicians without wrecking Aux2Bat, so it'd be either a Projectile Officer or the Borg Warfare Specialist, either of which would lower my Damage output on STFs pretty drastically. For Fleet Actions though, I could drop the Borg Warfare Specialist for a Conn Officer)

- Aft, are you using Trics or turrets? Or some mix? (Are Trics worth it without the tac powers to go with? I've yet to use mines in this game.)

Thanks again!
Tric Mines are very decent spike damage, but to make them do optimal Damage over Time they really need to be used with Dispersion Pattern Alpha. That said, I do have an Orb Weaver build that makes use of Tric Mines and DPA2 on my Tac Captain (though again, it runs afoul of DOFF slot shortage...)

There's a lot of synergy in Gravity Well + Torpedo Spread + Tricobalt Mines, providing you can maneuver your enemies into the "kill zone"... (TBR3...?)

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