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Yes, I know it has a cloaking device.

Yes, I know it has 5 Tac consoles which makes some people drool and others rage.

My issue with the Fleet Defiant is the 3rd Tactical Ensign slot.

It forces me to either:

A) Use a Torpedo Launcher, which has proved less overall DPS in a variety of situations.

B) Use a DBB, which is quite clearly worse than a DHC. I personally don't feel BO 1 has enough value to justify losing a DHC over - if BO 1 had less post-use weapon drain, maybe. Right now BO 1 drains as much as BO 3, with a much reduced effect.

I feel like the Fleet Defiant is an overall great ship, with 1 Tactical Ensign slot that generally does nothing but devalue the overall package - and that's the only thing continually stopping me from buying the Fleet version of this ship on several characters.

Maybe I'm alone in this, what are other people's thoughts?