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10-13-2012, 03:14 PM
A few other ideas for the third ensign slot are using subsytem targeting with a DBB, put a chroniton torp in the rear instead of front and use THY1 for snares, or just let the slot go to waste and run 4 DHC and 3 turrets, you will still have more firepower then a 4DHC patrol escort just less heals.

These wouldnt be so efective in pve though, in pve better off just using a coventional 3DHC 1 torp up front setup and the Defiants BOff layout works perfect for that. I've used DPS parsers and my escorts using a torp up front always do more dps in STFs then my 4 DHC builds. 4 DHC builds can do more dps in pvp though.