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Originally Posted by xenor002 View Post
When a S. Korean F2P runs the show, you bet your credit card it is!

So subscribers and LTS'ers from Beta/Headstart are elitists now? My goodness this BS excuse has been going around so much more now sinse that money grab began 3 days ago.

And to be honest if you want to start to throw down the elitist title, wouldn't that make the new LTS'ers who buy that option for all the former vet rewards make that group the "Oh look at me, I spent hundreds to get all the stuff you waited for 3 years nearly for! Sucks to be you, so shut up now child!"

This is the kind of crap I see in chat now. I mean...who knows, at this point I might actually find out if STO has a /ignore cap or not...
That's why i made up the idea of earning that ship by ingame means. I think a certain accolade score would be a much better measure of a "loyal" player than spending 200 bucks.
Only of course if Cryptic would be really interested in rewarding loyal players, but i think they just want to get some fast $$. (which they didn't hide very clever IMO)

Thank you for reading or ignoring, depending on who you are.
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