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Originally Posted by goodlydust View Post
So can anyone answer a long running argument between fleet mates.

Someone said they have seen an adult version of the Mugato Companion, like the one seen in colony invasion, being used by a player as his pet. When asked were he got his adult Mugato he said that with correct feeding it evolved and grows into the adult version.

Has anyone else seen or heard of this and can supply an answer to settle this long running debate
That one person is pulling your leg, there is only 2 ways of getting (that i know of [don't flame me]) that adult pet (not really a pet but a consumable that last 1 min and has 10 charges) and its threw the Ferengi lock Boxes or on the exchange from a Special Requisition Pack - Ground Combat Pet, now the only players able to have this wonderful creature is the KDF and feds get a Horta instead (really...a effing Horta? [Dilithium Encrusted Horta])

It would be nice tho to have it where we can craft that pet (combat pet whateva)

Feed our young one and have it become a reusable combat pet that has infinite charges
we would loose the young one in the process but i think it would be worth it
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