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Hello there everyone!

I'm taking the time to discuss why, it is, I have no use for Ability type universal consoles e.g. Point Defense Consoles, Subspace Jumper, etc.

First off, there are always a few noteworthy exceptions to every rule.

1. Assimilated Module- Although it doesn't fit into the "ability console" category it is a "Universal Console". It's the best console in the game in my opinion. Giving you 3+ consoles worth in but 1 slot is amazing! (DPS mainly).

2. Repair Platform- This console applies to the Varanus Fleet Support Vessel. The abridged usefulness of this console is: Gives you and your teammates a steady, constant Hazard Emitters 2 type hull heal over time with a 20 second recast and total of 5 active platforms. (Small Cloak buff/ship color change as well)

3. Any Cloak-type console. Agro loss/DPS and all other cloaking benefits are most often justifiable.

4. Antimatter Spread- This console falls under my "only PvP useful" category meaning that it's used on recast the most in PvP.

5. Others- I'll be the first to admit that I haven't sampled every console out there. There might be other consoles I should include in this "exceptions" list.

The reason for my lack of console usage is simple:

1. They tie up an active console slot!- All of your component (engines, shield and deflector dish) and console (Science, Engineering and Tactical) slots are always active. This means that whatever modifier you've put in this slot always affects your ship. Be it a Neutronium Alloy, RCS Accelerator or a Field Generator console. Your ship will always have the added resistances, turn rate and shield capacity.

2. Use your Bridge Officers for Skills!- Your ship has Bridge Officer stations for a reason. This reason is activate-able skills. Ships have up to 12 Bridge Officer Skill slots but only around 8-9 Console slots.

3. Recast Timers!- It's a fact, most Universal "Ability" Consoles have ridiculously high recast timers. Bridge Officer skills, on the other hand, do not.

4. Price!- Ability Consoles cost a lot of ECs normally. You either get them from purchasing a ship, lucky pack open or from the exchange. All of these have a high price tag.

5. Limited Usefullness- These consoles tend to have very limited usefullness in regards to everyday STF/PvP grinding. Meaning that, yes, in some cases they are very handy. Most often, though, they sit in your ability tray waiting to get used.

Now you might not agree with me on all or even any of my opinions. They are mine, however. Be kind. I've tried to make almost every console I have work on a long-term basis to very limited success considering it's potential normal console allocation.

I'll conclude my rant with a closing thought about "Set" type gear abilities. Besides the KDF 'Honor Guard' set, most times the full, or even 2-piece, passive skill bonus from "Sets" aren't worth the substandard component you have to tollerate. I find that most times, it's better to pick the best piece for the slot regardless of set affiliation.

In case you were wondering:

-Tactical Officer-


*Aegis Deflector
*Jem'Hadar Engines
*Borg Regen Shields (Regen setup)
*Monotanium Alloy - Neutronium Alloy X2 (All PvP swaps)
*Field Generator - Assimilated Module
*AP Mag Regulator X4 (Tetryon/Phaser PvP swaps)

**Shield Repair Units for STF and PvP(Adv. Delta - Danube {PvP} swaps)