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Hi cryptic ppl.

I understand that there is a significant part of the STO community playing a sci fed character; yet, the C-store only presents cruisers and escorts as special ships to be bought.

Although I play a SCI, I am a proud owner of the Armitage escort. Love it.

However, I noticed there isn't any real science ship on c-store, except for the nebula. Up to date we got:
- The nebula.
- The vulcan ship (but it's a tier-4).
- Some sci ability in the catian carrier
- The time science ship.

And of course, fleet ships.

However, the nebula is a very peculiar science ship; the vulcan ship is tier 4, and the moebius time science ship can only be accessed through lockboxes.

There is no "real" science ship with some special power. Compare with escorts:
- 3 vector
- armitage with fighter complement.

or with cruisers:
- Assault cruiser refit
- 3 pack odissey with tons of special powers.

and finally, the chimera ship.

In short, I found out that the top sci ship around, except for the moebius, are the fleet ones.

I'd really love some special tier-5 sci ship to be available in C-store. Any plan for that?

(BTW, since we're here: the really marginal extra quality for fleet science ships hardly justifies 4 fleet modules, costing 2000 zen; adding a universal lt or ensign station to all the fleet shi ships would justify the cost, or you might reduce the cost to 2 ship modules for those and give the extra stations to C-store ships).