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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Not sure. I maxed out my skill points on that one, then on top of that added 3 sci consoles boosting me about an extra +80 skill points total, and using Grav Well 3 (fired with high aux levels), it still barely slows down most borg probes or spheres... I have to eject warp plasma on top of it to get any real damage.

From what I've heard they totally nerfed sci skills, including grav well, before I ever rolled a sci character, so I don't know what it was like in the good old days, I just know NOW it's still pretty weak.
One quick and dirty way I make sure my Gravity Well 3 sticks is to wait till the probes are head on and at 4km away before using it. After I use it, I keep firing waiting for one (or both) to inch forward to break-away point then slam a Photonic Shockwave on them. While any movement debuff except Tractor Beam Repulsors will generally make a GW stick good, Photonic Shockwave also adds a ton of Kinetic damage (to unshielded ships).

A few other ideas could be:

1. Tractor Beam - It usually procs on your target near a Gravity Well and sucks them back in effectively.

2. Subsystem Targeting - Target their engines and watch them squirm!

3. Phasers - I don't use them any more but Phasers always seem to proc the engines most times. It doesn't have to be much to stop them rubberbanding out of your ishy Gravity Well.

Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas.