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10-13-2012, 07:27 PM
Try this, see if it helps:

Try using Aegis Deflector/Shields. The Jem'Hadar Engines or the Borg ones if you're a "Set" kind of person.

Engineering slots you can try Neuotronium X2 and a Monotonium or vice versa depending on what the ratio-ness of shield to hull squishyness you retain.

Ditch the Theta... Ability consoles are, by and far, considered as an inexperienced person's console choice. (in PvP)

In your Science slots I'd recommend a Shield point buff one (Field generator?) and your Assimilated Module.

Not sure how the Tactical, energy-type consoles stack regarding diminishing returns past 4. If it's a rubbish % you could always try the weapon-type console for the 5th and see if it nets you a better return.

As for your weapons. Although Dual Heavy Cannons are the most energy efficient weapons in the game, their recharge cycle shares itself with that of your rear turrets as well. I'd recommend ditching a fore DHC in place of a Photon/Quantum launcher to diminish your cyclic weapon drain. Also, it gives you a viable option to fill that stupid, lone, ensign tactical slot with THY1.

Hope it helps or at least gets you thinking.