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10-14-2012, 12:33 AM
1) keep moving, no doubt accuracy vs defense bleedover applies to npc's as well.
2) faw, csv, and ts are your friends. they kill HY torps whether you see them or not.
3) neutronium, neutronium, neutronium.

the bleed-over bonus is inferred from taking much less damage, fewer crits, and less damage from crits in a cruiser moving at flank combat speed compared to slower speeds in same cruiser and 1/4 impulse 'rocking' forward<>reverse in an escort.

escorts>gates you can circle at flank, all the end bosses tend to be problematic though in an escort. best bet is keep csv and ts up as much as possible, BFI once you know the timing of HY's or spreads in donatra's case, subspace gen as well for an added boost to kinetic resist.
any other defensive hull resists useful as well.

always try to keep at least a sliver of shields up, turn away if you have to (regen facing/heal) as dead = 0dps. so aft turrets are better than nothing.