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10-14-2012, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by flekh View Post

The Fleet Ning'tao has a perfect BOff-layout for a Sci-BoP with those dual LCdr uni slots!

For a Sci-bird, BOff slots are a lot more important than either consoles or hull/shield - each slot converts directly to utilty. Well, at least if you want it do deal some respectable damage, too, and have room for the usual abilities that'd keep you alive by healing your hull and shield.

Yes, it's a pretty squishy bird. But by trading in BOff slots or weapon power, you'd actually GIMP it!

If you don't know what to do with this one, then simply leave it alone. Just be assured that it is far from useless, just very squishy.
I'd not mind it being less squishy - but not at the price of you yInthagh trading away its potential.
Interesting that you start your contribution with name-calling.

Where were the likes of you when I kept asking in these forums how useful it was and how to use it properly?
The only feedback I kept getting from a handful of people was that it turned out to be too fragile for a fleet ship and without enoguh damage potential.

Again, where were you in threads like this:

where was your feedback?

Now that there's a discussion about actually changing it you come in basically telling us were're all too dumb.
But you don't provide anything beyond that except name-calling.