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Originally Posted by carmenara View Post
You know what they say about fleet recruitment - there are certain keywords you use to make a fleet portray a "safe environment for players". It should have a "mature" playerbase, "drama free" cooperation and you can "do anything you wanted".

Take a look at the fleet recruitment entries around and you'll see everyone is trying to copy the same formulae.

But does it work? I've been moving around the fleet recruitment scene for nearly a year now, I've been in large fleets, small fleets, serious fleets, RP fleets and casual fleets.

And you have to wonder why I didn't settle down with an established guild and just go along with them, or failing which, start my own guild.

The reason is this - with that "utopian" language as I described above, fleet environments are almost never as they advertise. Drama free fleets are full of drama, in their own way. Do anything you want means don't expect any help or any activity in the fleet communications channels. Mature environment... More like dysfunctional.

I'm not mincing my words, because I am a collaborative individual who loves communication, whether it's with pilot training or running and gunning with PUGs. I make conversation with anything from hortas to vortas.

As a result of wanting to help certain fleets earlier this year I was verbally abused and was made a victim of online harrassment by one of the "mature, casual" fleets. When I told them communication should not result in Nazi-like behaviour, I was simply told to run my own fleet. I was expected to be silent about the above mistreatment and the fleet admitted "they should have been more organized". Yes, do that, or start listening to your new F2P players that on their own free will ORGANIZED EVENTS AND DID RECRUITMENT FOR YOU effectively and professionally.

Guess what - I already have run my own fleet, and handed it over to former cadets as leadership training. Now that my fleet can run on autopilot I sort of want to do what I do best.

I want to join the most infamous fleets out there - ones with realistic military discipline, in-game performance standards (STFs + PvP) and I'm not afraid to say it, I want to see politics and drama as well. Not the rampant kind such as the aforementioned created by "mature, casual" seeming players, but the realistic kind, because if you're not happy you speak out about it and that's how a guild will progress and withstand the test of time. Players don't remain active in this game just to grind dilithium, they want to have a say in their own rights and the guild environment too. That's why we 'play politics' IRL.

What else do you expect people to do other than speak out for themselves? Bash one another in drunken brawls?

If you think I'm attacking your guild, GTFO.

If you got an opening for a crack miltiary RP style ESTF pilot and potential PvP expert, send me a hail
You should let us know if you find any. Granted I don't play all that often and when I do iit's never for very long but it seems like a properly structured environment would be adept at handling my kind of play habits. Think reserve forces vs active duty.

Altho to be fair I joined up with UFP recently and haven't hand any problems. Not sure if its your cup of borg tho.
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