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This tends to occur randomly. I will go many months without having a problem and then suddenly it's almost every other time I play the game I run into this issue.

While playing STO, I will suddenly lose internet connection. My ethernet card says that it's working fine; however, the only way to correct the problem is to either uninstall the drivers, install new drivers, or uninstall/reinstall the ethernet card itself. I am running windows 7 and my graphics card is a ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series. The ethernet card, I believe is a Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet, but I'm not sure where to find a better description, so that may be wrong.

I don't believe that the issue is truly unique to STO, but it's the only online game I play and I think the most taxing activity that my ethernet card gets used for. Web surfing and e-mailing aren't all that strenous.

I have spoken to Dell and suggested it was the ethernet card perhaps having a malfunction or something else in the computer that is getting triggered by the taxing activity of the game. They contend that it's the game itself and won't send a repair technician to replace the card. That and they want $150 to diagnose the software issue.

So I'm asking here if anyone else has had a similar problem and perhaps has a solution for me that won't cost me 1/4 of what the computer is worth.

Greatly appreciated!!!