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10-14-2012, 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Yes, I know it has a cloaking device.

Yes, I know it has 5 Tac consoles which makes some people drool and others rage.

My issue with the Fleet Defiant is the 3rd Tactical Ensign slot.

It forces me to either:

A) Use a Torpedo Launcher, which has proved less overall DPS in a variety of situations.

B) Use a DBB, which is quite clearly worse than a DHC. I personally don't feel BO 1 has enough value to justify losing a DHC over - if BO 1 had less post-use weapon drain, maybe. Right now BO 1 drains as much as BO 3, with a much reduced effect.

I feel like the Fleet Defiant is an overall great ship, with 1 Tactical Ensign slot that generally does nothing but devalue the overall package - and that's the only thing continually stopping me from buying the Fleet version of this ship on several characters.

Maybe I'm alone in this, what are other people's thoughts?

Completely agree. That station should be a universal ensign station, so you can use it for EPtS1. Hence, reluctantly, I went back to my 'lowly' Shipyard Tier 1 Fleet Patrol Escort, which tanks endlessly better as a result of it.