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10-14-2012, 06:00 AM
Wellll... We do try. T.F.R. (Task Force Resurrected) has had it's share of problems, gotta admit. But, we try to weed out the bad, and promote and reward the good. That's why we opened up an Academy Fleet. You can get a feel for us, we can get a feel for you, and if you seem like a good fit in one of our Line Fleets, we'll give you a shot... If it interests you. We do try to help (minimum in-game rank to graduate the Academy is now 46, and we ask all graduates to participate in PvE and PvP prior to being assigned a Fleet), and all of our Deans and Instructors are long term Veterans, with access to other Vets to help guide your path. We also have many "real world" military Veterans, including three of our top officers, one of whom is an Active Duty NonCom in the U.S. Navy.