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10-14-2012, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Interesting that you start your contribution with name-calling.

Where were the likes of you when I kept asking in these forums how useful it was and how to use it properly?
The only feedback I kept getting from a handful of people was that it turned out to be too fragile for a fleet ship and without enoguh damage potential.

Again, where were you in threads like this:

where was your feedback?

Now that there's a discussion about actually changing it you come in basically telling us were're all too dumb.
But you don't provide anything beyond that except name-calling.

Get your klingon freshed up.
I started with a general, non-targeted expletive, not with name-calling.

And no, I'm not monitoring every single thread on these forums. Do you?

As for giving you no reason: I did tell you it's the BOff layout. You can't be too blind to see that it has an additional LCdr universal slot beyond every other BoP, 12 total BOff slots instead of 11.
And if you ever tried to build a Sci-BoP, you'd have noticed that BOff slots are the most limiting issue, having you make sacrifices in either basic survivability (EPtS/TT/TSS/HE ...), weapon usage (cannon abilites, attack patterns) or Sci-utility (the actual reason to build a Sci-Bop in the first place).
That additional LCdr uni slot helps quite a bit towards that goal.
The BOff layout is the ONE, single redeeming feature of this squishy bird, its sole reason for existence.
That should be pretty plain to see.

The squishyness is a problem. I can't deny THAT.
But the ideas you guys come up with are a total mess.
Gimping the BOff layout would make it useless.
Gimping the weapon power would take away its capabilities to be useful in PvE (I never know if crying or cursing is the proper response if I see another Sci'ish ship deal shuttle-dps in an eSTF ... such a fail ...).

And if you can't see what this bird's advantage is (the extra, high-level BOff slot), or have no clue just how good a Sci'ish ship with weapon power bonus is ... then yes, yInthagh is excactly the proper thing to call you.