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I thought id try my hand at a BOP, so i started looking at them, comparing the Fleet Ning'tao(Fleet ship, T3 shipyard) to the Hegh'ta(Free/dilithium ship). It looks like stowiki mixed their stats because the fleet BOP has 7,500 less hull, about 600 less shields, and only 9 consoles. The only improvements are +1 turn rate and one extra boff ability. The free ship is clearly better than the fleet ship in every way.


Also, general advice on BOP flying for noobs
First and foremost, master the Battlecloak. Beyond that, yes, the Fleet Norgh (the Ning'tao's the one with the quad cannons, fleetie doesn't come with those stock) has a listed hull slightly lower than that of..say...a runabout. Engineering console spaces best filled with things that make you tougher- vitamin Neutronium's a good choice, as are anything that boosts your shields being packed into the Sci console slots.

'cause in Pvp, people see that BoP, and think "Ooh, EASY KILL!!!" thus drawing all the aggro that the AI (in PvE) doesn't sling at you without Threat Control.

ONE torp, max, everything else should be cannons, with Turrets in the rear, and structure your Bridge Officer layout accordingly. (Extend Shields and EPTS are both really needed here-lots of them, set up so that the shared cooldown staggers a bit. Cannon-wise, go CRF1, CRF2, and CRF3. I like to use attack pattern Omega as a helper in gettng out of tractor-lock-you're still tractored, you can just get locked where your guns are useful, as opposed to useLESS.)

If you dont' run pure cannons, and do add a torpedo of some sort, you may want to look into High Yeild, OR, Spread. (note, none of this advice weapons-wise applies to the B'rel, which can fire torps from cloak. For that one, max out your torp abilities the way you'd otherwise be doing with Cannons.)

Recommended engines to make your Bird of Prey happy to fly:

Assimilated (as part of a 2 or 3 piece layout of Assimilated gear-hte console's available only through the mission of hte same name, the rest, in particular the deflector and engines, must be obtained at the MACO store on DS9, which means running STF's for a bit...)

Honor Guard (also very nice, esp. if you run out of spare parts in an STF or forgot to bring any.)

Recommended shields:

Honor Guard(Deploy with the 3 piece assimilated set-yes, you lose the tractor beam, but you gain in survival-HG shields make you 'slippery' to track with energy weapons)

Omega (only with the Omega engine).

Deflectors: I only really have the Assimilated as special gear, though there are some nice ones in your Fleet's store if they've reached a level (tier) where Elite space gear's available, I can't speak to HG or Omega deflectors...

Try to keep everything on the same tier weapon, engine, deflector and shields. Unless you're willing to invest hard-core into the EC generating activities and have a lot of alts you can rob, or you get them as drops, MkXII consoles are kind of...hard to come by. From the Dilithium store you can get Blues if you have enough of the reddish-purple stuff (Dilithium).

Doffs: Generally a good idea for an investment in WHICH Duty Officers you have actually ON duty. To get best results, remember that you're not a cruiser, or even a FedScort-Bird of Prey is FRAGILE compared to EVERY OTHER VESSEL IN THE GAME.

Means you need to invest in anything that either makes you more cannon than glass, or tougher/harder to hit/crush/catch/kill.

Don't forget your power settings. If you're playing it in the "More cannon than Glass" role most people do, push up your weapon power to 125, engines to 50, shields 25, aux 25-or near 'nough to those, the Assimilated set w/HG seems to give a slight power boost across the board, so you can actually run higher settings than you'd think.

REMEMBER: "SINGLE ENERGY TYPE" with your energy weps-people forget this more often than you'd think. You have 3 (count 'em) 3 tac console slots. Get the most boost for your budget, and most use from your weps.

Say you're running disruptor're going to get better performance with the Disruptor coil console, than with the "cannons only" consoles. Use the coil, not the cannon console to feed your cannons (this applies to Polaron, Tet, phaser, etc-boost the energy type with consoles, and you get more bang for your buck.)

Oh, and remember this also:

"When you run out of Bird of Prey, you have run out of SHIPS."