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Originally Posted by enkemen View Post
I like the idea of the cruiser being the anvil to the escort's hammer; so I just thought of this, which will never happen:

1: No turn rate changes. "What?!" I hear you cry. Hear me out.

2: A drop across the Escort/BoP board in shield multipliers.

3: Increase damage on DHCs further, but decrease RoF; same with DCs.

4: Decrease efficacy of EPtS 1 significantly, and 2 slightly.

5: Give cruisers innate Tractor Beam 2.

6: Give cruisers a slight boost in shield capacity and regen rate.

7: Give cruisers an innate +10% damage boost on beam weapons.

8: Slight boost in movement speed of BoPs, to make up for extreme killability.

This would change gameplay completely. Escorts become even greater spike damage machines, but they end up absolutely needing the support of cruisers. Cruisers, on the other hand, end up dealing a bit more damage; but become much more effective anvils for the escort to hammer home.
I've been PvPing for 2 years across both Fed and KDF cross all classes.

What this poster has suggested is not at all feasible for improving the balance of STO. For a number of reasons.

1.) STO, although a game which is designed to be played on a team with others, is played by most people alone, or as part of PUGS. PUGS are horrendous at support.

2.) Cruisers in theory become the only ship which can be risk free and solo-ed. If you are a TAC, you remain even more exposed and probably hanging on a loose thread as there is little or no support coming your way, as cruisers will now try to play offensively and further move out of their potential of being team defensive.

I don't get this argument. Professional sportsman, e.g. rugby or football, know what positions they play and are brilliant at it. Hookers don't go up to the Captain halfway through the match and say, "Geez Capt' I want to be a fly-half. Or better, please make me a wing. But so to make it that I shine, please can we shoot the rest of the team in the knees."

3.) TACs can fly cruisers too. So you are essentially opening the door again to Cruisers Online from Beta.

4.) You are advocating (I think) four (4x) nerfs to escorts, and three (3x) buffs to cruisers. In essence they are all against the escort. That is hardly balanced solution by a long shot.