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10-14-2012, 01:18 PM
That's also the inherent problem with Engineers. A Sci or a Tac can be effective in just about any ship type, because of their inherent Dmg Buffs/Enemy Debuffs.

Engineers get only a subpar self-heal from Miracle Worker and Nadeon Inversion, which is easily nullified by Siphon Drones, Plasmonic Leech and other energy draining abilities. RSF can be interrupted or stripped by broken SNB Doffs.

PvP in it's current state, honestly, if you want to pilot an escort as and Engineer, I'd suggest going with a Torp/Mine build and just hitting them with guerilla tactics. Otherwise, you're only real option is a Carrier or Oddy and just be a damage soaker while trying to heal your allies.

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