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10-14-2012, 01:20 PM
Amen on all this.

Shields are a joke on the ground. Easy to recharge, but SO easy to lose and not gain back if you're still being shot at.

Engineers healing their shields I'm not worried about, but we only have three shield heals outside of items. The captain ability of re-route power to shields, and the Shield Recharge on one, maybe two kits. Along with of course, the Shield Generator.

Even so, Generators pull a huge amount of aggro and die within moments to anything. they can be healed, but only once a minute with the Quick Fix ability, and by the time that happens, you can make a new one already, especially Turrets or Mortars since you will have another chance at a DOFF proc if you have those equipped.

At the very VERY least, make the PS Generators skill give much more to shields. Threat control would also be nice to give a shield resistance boost to as well, because that only affects armor, and it's easy to resist health damage and easy to gain it back.

More engineering shield heals would be nice as well.

This might be a little more needed than most would think, considering that Into the Hive is coming out, and things might be pretty tough there.

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