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10-14-2012, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
4.) You are advocating (I think) four (4x) nerfs to escorts, and three (3x) buffs to cruisers. In essence they are all against the escort.
Heh, nice try.

He's suggested 1 nerf to escorts to put them back into that glass cannons zone, you know, where they SHOULD be. He's also suggested a slight reduction to EPtS to bring it in line with others. If I read it right he's made no real change to escort weaponry, having reduced EPtS he's suggested a slight increase in cruiser shield stats and the 10% boost to beams on cruisers will give them that boost many have called for without breaking anything.

So all in all he's suggesting that cruisers should be able to be healboats without complete loss of damage output which is a GOOD thing, he's suggested escorts pay for their damage which is a GOOD thing, if we cruisers have to pay damage for healing then escorts have to pay tank for damage (it's called fairness and balance), The innate tractor beam 2 I'm not too sure about, I think 1 is a better idea but that works in FAVOUR of ESCORTS as their support ships will be able to hold their target still without paying a heal to do so.

So actually if you step back from the escort AND cruiser point of view and look at it from a game balance perspective what he is suggesting is a very GOOD thing.