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10-14-2012, 02:11 PM
There's only one problem for PvE Escort-tanks:
One-shot torpedoes.
Well, make it two, Isometric charges.
Oh, three, killer-cannons on gates ...
You get the drift: in eSTFs, and even in the Fleet thingies, there's stuff that can simply one-shot you, while Cruisers and Carriers can take one and heal up, more often than not. Unless they get hit by one of the real mean 350k+ ones.
And yes, they will still hit you.
There's a minimum chance to hit of 25%, you can't become totally invincible.

The other side of the coin:
Since you're not THAT much more tanky than a regular Escort, who can already tank until it gets oneshot if it gets crosshealed ... people might argue that you're actually wasting your potential in a beam'scort.
... and have a bit of a point there.

Especially since you'll lack Engineering BOff slots, which means you'll probably end up with a lower effective weapon power than a Cruiser (at least: a well-build P2W Cruiser) - and at that point, you're not even tanking anymore.

It's not a terribad idea, but ... not really optimal either.