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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
wings come down in combat, go up when out of combat, same as the other BoPs. a good training ride for running a Fleet Norgh, is to break out your old one, minmax the **** out of it with your best gear, and go hang around Kerrat for a while every night before you buy up. The fleet version's got more of...well...everything than the one you got when you first signed on to the KDF at Fed20, but it handles about the same, and the hull's only 500 points softer than the fleet version, so it's a good ride for developing good habits.

Now, as for the published vs. actual stats-the Fleet Norgh's tougher than the numbers make it look-mine outperforms the F2P Hegh'ta across the board with the same gear and Bridge officer layouts, I have no way to explain this, but there are people in the PvP forums who've noted a similarity here with the Fleet vs. Standard Qin Raptors, so I suspect it's an 'intangible' somewhere in the coding, or an error on the published vs. actual stats.
I see, might have to buy a Ning'tao some day, but I have a bunch of things to spend my Zen on beforehand.

Thanks for the info.