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10-14-2012, 03:12 PM
I find the Chimera to be quite effective. Most (if not all) who dislike it are trying to compare it to an escort, the use Lt. Commander Universal as a Tac Boff. The beauty of the Chimera is in using the Lt. Commander Boff for Sci o Eng. The KDF version wit Battle Cloak actuallly got me to play as KDF for a day. I would not buy LTS just for this ship, but it does have my favorite Bridge Officer layout of all ships except the BoP. I still fly an Odyssey though for 3 reasons; 1 Survivability 2 Full interior 3 Eight weapons but the Chimera I may like better than the Mobius even as they have the same amount of usable consoles because the Mobius uses 2 for its time ability vs the Chimera's 1 for transformation.