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# 1 Episode missions
10-14-2012, 04:07 PM
I'm sure there is post about that elsewhere, I probably done one myself before. Something must be done for the level restrictions for the episode mission. I can understand the at the beginning there was maybe not enough. But now, there is. You should lower the level restriction. Put at least 2 at the same level, so they be enough to level up. I try to level up my 3th Starfleet character. But I do one mission, must do something else, Starbase 24, fleet mark missions or anything else, a few of them to get to the next level and do another mission. With at least 2 per level, I would probably be OK. Anyway, right now, many are forty something an more and the thirties are a pain. Make some start at lower level and group more than one per level, please!