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Originally Posted by designationxr377 View Post
I've encountered this as well and confirm it happens for re skinned groups. However, rather than removing the new combat routines and behaviors I would rather see a "make friendly" command for enemy groups as seen in cryptic missions.

Additionally to solve the problem some kind of enemy/ally "construction kit" would be nice wish list replacement.
Yes, but even in that case, any Fed ships are in danger of separating into a MVAM or Saucer. There are times when you want a specific Starfleet vessel to take part in combat, so that will still break when it separates its non-existant saucer and changes to a Galaxy Stardrive.

We absolutely need a better way of selecting what sort of mob spawns. We need the ability to select both basic type of ship/powers of a mob (we don't have to customize them, just select from a list, maintaining balance), and we also need to be able to easily tell what NPCs spawn with a given number of players, so we can reskin them properly. But I figure that is not something we can expect within the next 6 months, if not a year. Although, if the STO UGC team was going to work on anything, that is something that is unique to the game and I expect it would be more independent of NWN code changes.

For the time being, removing ships that blatantly break costumes would be a quick fix. This is a problem that is potentially going to affect all Foundry authors, and probably generate bad ratings for them at random.

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