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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
It would be interesting to know what your take is on their environment art. From the promotional material they've released, it certainly seems to be a new direction from that of Champions and Star Trek Online (and you've worked/are working on both).

Personally, I like it. Its very detailed. But I'd wonder whether its only that way in commonly revisited areas and interiors.
Look at the videos for room construction and foundry customization.

I think it's fair to say two things based on what Cryptic has released:

1) Neverwinter is a CITY so every location is commonly revisited.

2) There is clearly an emphasis on detail in all areas.

I have yet to see any crazy travel powers or even sprint in any of the videos released.

Consider how much ground you cover in Champions with rocket boots and rainbow slides. Consider how much you cover in STO with sprint.

Now imagine your normal movement speed in STO was your sprint and people normally walked briskly. And that the entire gameworld was a realistically sized city.

Just based on what the videos show, I'd say this looks like a more detail intensive version of the kind of city scapes City of Villains had.