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Originally Posted by tuskin67 View Post
He said the Ent-D got destroyed in the Archer system, not the Ent-C.

Yesterday's Enterprise took place entirely in the Archer System. The temporal vortex the Ent-C emerged from was linked to the Narendra system.

You never actually see Narendra 3 in Trek until Enterprise Season 2.

Not the first time, Alpha Centauri Sector block doesn't have Alpha Centauri system.

You know, the star charts book isn't even canon. Nothing outside what has been seen in the Live action productions (and some of TAS) is canon. But it is clear based on the layouts of some sectors that the STO team did base some areas based off where they are in the star charts.
It's got to be somewhat Official...

It's based on Official Information taken from the episodes and was put together by two guys who actually worked on the shows...

It's just my opinion, but it's as UN-Officially Official as something like this could be.

(granted it's not perfect, but considering all the continuity errors throughout all the shows, it's pretty darn good)
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