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Lol , I did not expect to see that others too want a similar kind of fleet environment.

Firstly though - @ the above invitations, I have already tried out TFR and UFP way back earlier this year and will not be applying to rejoin.

Regarding the level of 'politics / drama' - There's one thing very ironic about STO guild mentality. If everyone appeared to get along perfectly there would be no need for communication. People can also be forced to 'pretend' to get along like in certain guilds but the guild environment remains poor because of lack of standards.

I've seen all sorts of event management problems, and all sorts of ship performance issues from those so called "drama free" environments. It's when someone more knowledgeable and effective at piloting a starship (often a new guy) comes along that all the "drama" occurs.

This "drama" doesn't come from the new guy, surprisingly, but from the "veterans" who are so self-deceived by their own "good relations" (or lack thereof) that they start to label any sort of constructive feedback as "drama". It's especially when new recruits, left alone to do their own thing over the course of several weeks (as they wait patiently for non-existent Fleet Command to pull them out of probation), band together to create their own training and Starfleet style discussions that those "veterans" come along and make their guild time a living hell.

Those new guys for the record, are always those who can beat Elite STFs and top out PvP charts regardless of how poorly their PUG teammates are (they PUG because veterans ignore them on fleet chat and refuse to run with them). Certain self appointed "veterans" on the other hand appear to be hostile at the prospect of even running a partial PUG scenario, and when put into a PUG environment, severely **** it up by lack of teamwork or ownship capability.

That's why I -always- credit newbies and PUGs first in any discussion.

So "Drama" is a misnomer. Inept fleet leaders who use excuses such as "you are causing drama", or state that "some of us veterans have paid real money to be in this guild" should logically not hold any sort of command position in the first place.

It would be tolerable and even welcome in a KDF roleplay environment (Warband style is fun if people act the part. No carebear nonsense) or an Orion Syndicate environment, but this being a Starfleet forum I do expect officers to act like Starfleet officers or at the very least, Federation-trained personnel.

From what I have experienced in building my own guild (for the benefit of players), rules and regulations and unit structure is a moot point.

STO emphasizes in small team gameplay and the "pack mentality" must be very strong to create a functional ESTF and PvP team. We may have different people flying active ships each day but communication must be active and people must not be afraid to accept criticism even if it's a stupid newbie observation.

As proven many, many times in canon Star Trek, many noob ideas are refined rapidly into scenario-beating strategies in a matter of minutes under severe threat. Part of what binds people to communicate effectively in the heat of battle is a certain form of discipline that binds the unit together.

This discipline also ensures that the guild practises effective management strategy, throw out whatever nonsensical definition of what a guild should be and develop their own war-winning solutions within the context of a Star Trek gaming environment.

This is very easy to do. Delete mature, delete casual, give players the tools and leadership necessary to accomplish joint goals. People are not looking for carebear guilds and girly Victorian societies to "avoid conflict". They are piloting warships and fighting the Federation's enemies on a daily basis, so on that basis, a happy fleet is one that has the capability to win the most difficult engagements.

Remember, there's only drama if fleet management don't bother about peoples' welfare. People (especially new guys loaded with ZEN and Dil and enthusiastic to contribute) get dissatisfied with fleet management, they will speak up.

It's with handling these complaints and working together with the new guys that ultimately makes the guild stronger. Retreating into a mentality that says "you are not mature enough to be in our guild" not only speaks poorly of whomever in charge, but also illustrates that this guild is incapable of upholding the Federation's ideals of egalitarian society and equal opportunity for all.

Everyone too, has their own form of communication, and with that observation, the definition of "drama" versus "constructive discussion" can be very different between various individuals.
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