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10-15-2012, 12:04 AM
1) yes, the annular warp ring is wonky. fit on the jem'hadar space set and see how bizarrely broken it is!

2) While it would be nice for the tal'kyr to be deployed more often, the tal'kyr isn't "truly" meant to be operated while in combat; it is a shuttle after all.

3) No, this is not a bug. It is designed so after it is destroyed/disabled, the player has to manually click the button and order the tal'kyr to rescind back into its warp ring. More importantly, the tal'kyr does not reach all the way to 0 health. Rather, it becomes disabled at around 10 - 5% health remaining, at which point the craft is untargetable.

4) In my opinion, this conflicts with your second suggestion; if you wish to spam the tal'kyr, then it must be weak; and if you want a strong and tanking tal'kyr, then it must have that long cool down period. Which one would you rather have?