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10-15-2012, 02:12 AM
So many ignorant PvErs converging on the same thread in the PvP section of the game without a dev post can't be a coincidence. Probably someone wanted to get his buddies to come in and back him up. Guys, you're out of your depth.

Naldoran is completely right, of course, though personally I think the Lobi set makes more sense on the temporal destroyer than the temporal science vessel thanks to the DBB.

In my book the three piece lobi set is far more problematic than the two piece console set. As far as the two piece console set goes, It can be incredibly powerful, a free kill really used in the right hands, but for the most part just ends up being incredibly annoying. Neither of those are good things. That said, the duplicate console that you need for the set bonus is complete garbage. That's not good balance -- that's just ****ty game design.

Proper design principles dictate that:
  1. The duplicate console needs to be buffed or changed to the point where it's a help and not a hindrance.
  2. The two piece console bonus needs to be changed or tuned down to the point where it's not guaranteeing a free kill to the top 1% of players while greatly annoying the rest.

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