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10-15-2012, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by jesushchrist999 View Post
One of the leaders of this fleet, left her fleet, pretended she was looking for a fleet just to join my fleet and rip us off. She returned immediately to her fleet. I'm sure not all members are like this but beware of this fleet leader.

If a member of our fleet did indeed do what you claim above I apologies for their conduct. This is not an action we condone, nor did we have any prior knowledge of it. Unfortunately we have no way to confirm or deny your accusation towards one of our members. I will look into the matter personally and take action as I see fit within the privacy of the Wolves.

That being said I find it highly unprofessional and out of line for you to place a post on our recruitment thread to address this issue. A simple letter sent in game via the mail function would have sufficed and we could have kept this incident private, professional, and courteous. Your actions are not appreciated and I am troubled that you felt a need to post negatively on this thread. Had the circumstances been reversed I assure you that I would have at no time considered ever posting on your fleets recruitment post to negatively comment on one of your members.

Furthermore I have to question your methods within your fleet that you allow people to join and immediately have access to your fleets resources. Perhaps a slight restriction on new members privileges is in order to better judge their intentions. I give this as friendly advice to help you protect your own fleet in the future.

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