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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We ran into some technical limitations that would've made it a prohibitive task to perform this change. It's not completely impossible, and not completely off the list of possibilities as far as bridge officer power changes, but not likely to happen over any sort of short-term time frame.

Instead, if it is determined that they need an increase in effectiveness to go along with their higher-rank seating requirements, that's a balance review we can perform more easily.

Part of the problem is that some ships win the lotto in terms of BOFF layout design (Bugship, Fleet Patrol Escort) and others lose out with a borderline useless third tactical ensign slot (or similar).

So players are pretty desperate for some skill that is viable that is also not Tactical Team for ensign stations (and to be honest here, third ensign engineering slots are even worse - this is why many players deride the Galaxy-R and Fleet Galaxy-R).

On top of this several powers are (in some cases, arbitrarily, and in other cases justified) limited to Ltc or CMD only (for example Attack Pattern Omega).

So you end up with a bottleneck of great abilities at the upper end that you can only take 1 or 2 copies of, and you end up struggling to fill 3 ensign stations due to a lack of choices.

A defiant using mines for example now has to fit in cannon skills, a mine skill, attack pattern omega which is basically a requirement, and even with 2 copies of tac team - you are left with the proposition of having to either leave it empty or stuff a torpedo/DBB there and drop your overall average DPS by losing a DHC (this build probably has 1 or maybe 2 mine launchers rear to make use of the dispersal pattern - so it's already made the sacrifice for kinetic weapons in the aft layout).