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I can survive just about anything in STF, I even thought my patrol escort was 'tankier' than my cruisers because buffed up and moving fast the patesc chooses what and where to fight.

Those 14-36k damage are pretty normal in my book, I tank them all the time in my Tholian carrier (assault build) with universal tac. My cruisers have little trouble unless ganged up on stationary (rare, I usually freeze them static first), and sci ships and escorts can take one hit and move away.

The key for me is stack as much resist bonus to shields as much as possible so that the shield facing can take the impact and immediately regenerate back (sometimes even without tactical team). The skill Brace for Impact is also very useful if you -know- that torpedo is going to hit within the next 10 seconds. I pop it before an attack run and with a shield distribution doff it gives a very nice regenerative effect when hit too.

Just like in PvP the best ships tend to stack a massive amount of resistances at once so as to be completely immune to incoming fire for a time. The key is to manage the time your ship is attracting aggro. I have tanked an entire ISE engagement 15 minutes straight in a recon science vessel before, when leading a fleet cadet group. It was admittedly hairy due to the low hitpoints of the ship but with positional management I never failed to keep the shields up (and sci ships can have HUGE shield hps) and let myself be hit by torpedoes only when my shield facing is up.

Also for cruisers, a Team Fortress style survival exploit that is quite funny is to extend shields to each other. LOL.

A long long while ago before I learned the stacked resist functions I loaded up with kinetic armor that made Borg torpedoes a laughing matter. With Season 6 buffed plasma burn I just added one electroceramic armor and that made fleet cadet pilots' lives easier.

I still prefer PUGs because the so called optimal strategies are not the only way to attain victory and PUG coordination = Starfleet Diplomacy challenge that apparently only a very few people know how to master
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