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Originally Posted by rhiarose View Post
Maybe this has been said before but, im really confused by all the people claiming to have "earned" their 1000 day ships by being here since day 1. Im not sure how you earn something that is given to you, its not like you had to grind for the ship or perform super human feats of EQ 1 style Epic Quest heroism. You paid money, you got a ship, people do that on the C-store all the time. As for people getting them all unlocked for buying a lifetime sub?

well basically at the core, they bought something on sale for a lower price than you did. You paid 14.99 a month for 3 years, they paid 199-299 up front, got the ship on sale so to speak, if I buy a new car and take out a 5 year loan, and next year someone buys the same model used for a lower price cash, I dont start screaming in the streets about h ow I earned my car cause I Was there from day 1.
The problem isn't the price of the LTS or the money earned / saved over time. Cryptic billed it as a "veteran reward" and explained that you earned it by having a sub for XX amount of time which made you a gaming veteran. Had they named it something simpler like "subscription perks" no one would be arguing about this.

In your example, it would be like someone giving you an award for driving your car for 1000 days straight, while at the same time someone who just bought the same car gets the same thing immediately. I'm not aware of any car company giving that type of award in real-life so your analogy is incorrect.
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