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10-15-2012, 07:28 AM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
The free-to-play model is just an fantasy, in reality it has to be pay to play - just disguised as other things.
f2p is a scandal and should be called as you said further in the sentence - pay-to-play.
Yes, there is a free content inside, but excuse me, games that respect their audience call the free content - a demo. Would you play a game that would call itself a demo? No. Neither would I.

But the problem is not the name of the scandalous concept. No.
The problem is when the game, of any financial system, "free to play" fraud or subscription model or whatever else, the problem is when under every nicelooking name, the game is actually p2w. Pay to win. Is STO pay to win game? I won't answer it.
It's an offtopic here.

Lifetime subscription is now cheap (well... comparing other games that have it) and sorry but noone is trying to con anyone with it. LTS is on sale, it's $199 now, they don't cover it with f2p nonsense title or such crap, by stating what you get and for what amount, they're honest. Brag all day you want, I can only respect when someone says that the green color is green and not red.