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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
And people running stupid builds like this are what annoys the hell out of me the most.

beam Overload applies a HUGE negetive wepaons power spike when fired. the resultant lost DPS over the next severla seconds is as great or greater than the bonus damage from the beam overload. result your no better or even worse off in terms of total damage output, and since your runnign an escort you could and should have been running an extra DHC in the place of that dual beam bank and doing even more DPS.

Bam overload is great where you need to front load your damage, (PVP enemies sicne they heal loads), but in any situation where there's no healing it's at best of no benefit, and at worst an outright downside.

Torps on an escort i'm somewhat not sold on as well. It's more personal prefferance but i find the skill points spent on kenetics could go better elsewhere. Though if you want to run a set of mines i'd say it makes sense, (Plasma mines are best PVE mines IMHO), and mines are good with borg bonus or lots of +crit chance.

DHC vs DC's is an easy anwser.

DHCs's do the same DPS, drain slightly more power, but fire more damaging shots at a slower rate. All your trading off is less weapon procs for less power drain. in raw PVE terms the latter outweighs the former mostly, but PvP DC's probably make much more sense as the proc can be so handy.
Try it before denying it....the power drain is not a big deal because the use of cannons allows for energy recharge....EPtW takes care of the rest.

Notice...ONE dual beam bank...!

It works as good if not better than what you describe for pve.

Edit: DBB on bo1 with tac crits for 10-75k! The torps are crit for 5-40k. Can you make up for that in three volleys of!

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