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Originally Posted by scbypwr View Post
Try it before denying it....the power drain is not a big deal because the use of cannons allows for energy recharge....EPtW takes care of the rest.

Notice...ONE dual beam bank...!

It works as good if not better than what you describe for pve.

Edit: DBB on bo1 with tac crits for 10-75k! The torps are crit for 5-40k. Can you make up for that in three volleys of!
i run
1 DHC, 1 Quantum, 1 DC, and one DBB in front
3 turrets in back

Beam overload is insane and if you have a weapons battery or in my case red matter capacitor you can mitigate the power loss instantly and hammer away it is a nice combo i do to keep up the DPS with my defiant and it works great at punching shields in the face and lowering them significantly or dropping that facing altogether. i like having one DC and one DHC with the DBB for sustained firepower with CRF. I reccomend to the OP most of what the other people have said but trade up most systems for borg/ MACO or have that deflector a Omega force deflector since it gives a accuracy bonus which can provide a bonus to crits.