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I had this thought myself and actually started a thread on it ( Mainly, it was said the ship would be OP.

I pretty much do what marc said. I took the weakness and turned it into flexibility. I leave torp spread 1 in there. Its mostly useless in PVP unless you're doing KvF. The Klingons love their carriers and there are usually 1 or 2 in a pug. Toss a quantum in and hit the assimilators with it. Do the same with STF.It works better, especially in crowd control situations. In normal PVP just let it go to waste. I do agree with you though, it's a fleet ship and it seems that a universal ensign would be appropriate.

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since i don't do PvP much at all the layout i have really cuts swaths in the enemy lines and i highly recommend if anyone gets a defiant try to find a subspace jumper console those things are great for a escort or cruiser since they get you right behind a target you can unleash a devastating barrage on their backs while they lose track of you.