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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
theres a simple fix to that. something Bort was even mentioning months ago. Making a Torp and Mine attack all in one. Preferable a Bridge Officer attack. I hope this becomes a reality.
Depends how they do it. Last time they talked about the skill merge it was hit the skill then only a mine or torp would tigger which ever was first. That to me is a real bad idea but if they can make both mine and torps trigger with one skill great.

If devs are reading this thread any chance we could get a comment on the missing fleet mines and why are all fleet mines still broken after all this time? Any chance for someone to take a look over fleet weapons to fix these and other problems?

EDIT: Another point with mines. Engineers are meant to be the mine using class but Engineers in cruisers cannot use lvl 3 mine skills. When you pick an Engineerin class you get “bottlenecking the enemies advance with defensive mine fields.” . Surly we should be better with mines over Escorts/Tac class?

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