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I am normally not a friend of all that much moderation in forums. I can handle even Usenet of need be, where there is no moderation at all.

But the level of trolling and outright insulting that goes on in some threads (particularily in the PvP subforums lately) is exceptional. I have tried doing support tickets, but apparently they are mostly ignored these days. I realize that the moderators are volunteers and cannot be on 24 hours a day, but at least some reply, if only "we don't see any need to act, an this is why" shouldn't be too much, right?

I mean, we are all here for entertainment, and for helping making the game a better experience for everybody. But a handfull (if that many) of people ruin it, forum-wise. That cannot be in Cryptic's, PWE's, or even the community's interest, right?

Or is it that the report function is routed through the workday shifts of the customer support team? Then maybe there something needs to be done?
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