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10-15-2012, 09:11 AM
The way I run it, it's squishy when the shields break. But, very capable damage dealer.


ET, Aux2Batt, EPTS3


Sci Team1, HE2

Ens - Utility (sometimes TT for chain, others TB or PH etc)

Eng consoles:

RCS, Plas Leech, Borg

Sci consoles:

Ship console, Flow cap

Tac consoles:

4x Disruptor

Mk XII Omega Set

3x Tech Doffs, 2x Shield Distro Doffs

Resist Device, Eng Batts, Weapons Batt

4x Disruptor DHCS, 3x Disruptor Turrets


1. When shields go, gtfo w/evasives and eng batt or full power to eng
2. Disruptor weapons boost the lotus
3. I try not to abuse the glitch w/aux2batt and the shield vamp
4. I usually try and open w/APA, CVS1 and shield vamp to see whos week then APO, CRF3 etc the weak one
5. I mix in more CritH weapons' attributes since the ship has +30ACC, captain has +10 ACC and Omega Deflector has slight +ACC
6. I'm usually pugging which is why I have all the Teams. I avoid using TT till i need it in case I need to clear sci spam/snb.