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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
As for doing something about the unfair 24 hour ban, not much. It would take more time for a GM to verify that it was done by a troll(s), so you're better off waiting it out. And I suggest that if you're getting banned on a regular basis, don't type in zone chat. At least that way you can type in other channels.
The one time I was chat banned I petitioned a GM, and the ban was lifted well before the 24 hours were up, because it was an improper chat-banning. So it is certainly worth a try to submit a GM ticket.

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must be why i raaaaaaaaaaarely ever see any kind of zone or local chat, ever. I tons of ships and toons at any given moment, but never any chat.. keep thinking my game is broke.
Go to ESD, you'll see plenty of zone chat there.
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