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10-15-2012, 10:36 AM

Thank you for your response. I apologize for posting on your recruitment thread, as I felt it a last resort after already making contact with a member of your fleet and sending an ingame email. I understand you have no way to confirm or deny the allegations and all i have to say is I do not stand to benefit from accusing a member of an otherwise good fleet of wrongdoing.

For anyone reading this thread, I would like to say that this incident was the result of one person, and It should never reflect upon an entire fleet unless the fleet condone's that sort of behavior.

Many people do believe in restricting all bank access, and our fleet unlike many believe in offering a very limited access upon registration. We are never in any danger of losing anything valuable, it is simply to give new members a sense of being through small access. I'm not bothered by the money lost(its trivial), its the principle of lying, establishing limited trust(registering on our website for promotion) and then striking all as a premeditated plan.

I would like to thank you for addressing this issue in whatever way you see fit in your fleet as it is a serious problem that developers do not address in any mmorpg. The only solution to that is fleets taking responsibility for the actions of its members. In the past we have had unfortunately similar situations of members making the fleet look bad and they have been dealt with swiftly.

I have deleted the original message. and if you would like all traces of this deleted I will take your deletion of your comments as a sign for me to delete this message as well.


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