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10-15-2012, 10:52 AM
Same layout as the VA Defiant, so this is not a complaint that's new to the fleet version. For me, it's not a complaint at all. I find it neither wasteful nor useless. Then again, I don't mind being "forced" to include a beam bank and torpedo launchers. I'd put a Tactical officer there even if it was a universal slot.

With that layout, I am able to run:

Beam Overload III, Cannon Rapid Fire III, Torpedo High Yield III. (alpha strike)

Beam Fire at Will I, Cannon Scatter Volley I, Torpedo Spread II. (crowd control/secondary attack)

So, with a third Tactical bridge officer, I can also have Torpedo Spread I for the aft launcher as I pass the target, and still have room for Tactical Team I.

Pretty versatile, and I almost always have a little something extra for a target.

Weapon loadout, if you're curious:

Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII (anti-Borg) x 2
Antiproton Dual Beam Bank Mk XI x 1
Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII (anti-Borg) x 1

Antiproton Turret Mk XII (anti-Borg) x 2
Quantum Torpedo Launcher (the Regent version with 180 degree firing arc)

Sometimes I need DPS, sometimes I need burst damage. Not exactly a focused, specialized build, but I can usually BS my way through most tasks that way.

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