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Originally Posted by rrincy View Post
to be honest mate , i dont see how you can make the claim that klingon ships are overpowered , when for the longest time the fed side had a distinct advantage over every ship the KDF could put out ( excelsior anyone ? )
so its got a battle cloak , so what ?
no offence intended , but this just strikes me as yet another ' i want a battle cloak on a fed ship '
i know that it gives the klink ship an advantage over the chimera but thats what is supposed to happen , klingon ships have always been dangerous BECAUSE THEY CLOAK

also , battle cloak is a powerfiul tool , but how many ways are there now of knocking ships out of cloak ?
Exactly. Having the battlecloak on a ship like the Peghqu' isn't that great. Unless you build the thing to run away a lot, and quickly, you're not gonna get a ton of use out of the battlecloak. Battlecloaking while under fire is usually suicide, so you have to get clear of the battle.

The reason BoPs can do hit-and-run with the battlecloak is because most hit-and-run BoP setups have 2 copies of Attack Pattern Omega, Evasive Maneuvers with Evasive Maneuver conn doffs, high engine power, and maybe an Impulse Capacitance Cell for emergencies. That all takes room in terms of doffs, consoles, and Boff powers. Add to that the fact that the BoPs already unfairly sacrifice capabilities in terms of stats, and you've got ships that are mostly outclassed by Fed escorts. The Hegh'ta makes a great hit-and-run skirmisher, as long as you don't mind running every 15-30 seconds to wait out your cooldowns (slugging it out in most situations will result in just getting blown up quickly, something not desirable in arenas). The B'Rel retro makes for a very nasty sci-assassin sort of setup, using all manner of nifty sci attacks and tricobalt mines from cloak, as well as bombarding the enemy with transphasic and chroniton torpedoes. I think its use is somewhat lessened in the arena setup, though.

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